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Omnithon is a group that does gaming marathons to raise money for charity. A gaming marathon is where we play through a game or series of games, and stream it online while collecting donations for a cause we support, which in our case is Child’s Play Charity, which brings entertainment and hope to those in children’s hospitals. We’ve raised over $9000 dollars with our prior marathons, and hope to raise even more going forward.



Age: 18
Interests: Gaming marathons, waiting for gaming marathons
Favorite Game: Halo 4
Greatest Fear: Shag carpets, the opposite of a sword
Description: Not squinting, just Korean.



Age: 19
Interests: Warhammer, Smiling, Happiness
Favorite Game: Halo 2
Greatest Fear: Hitler
Description: Have no fear, the master of happiness is here!



Age: 18
Interests: Ping Pong, JROTC, Super Mutants, and Dubstep
Favorite Game: Halo Wars
Greatest Fear: Nyquil
Description: A little bit about myself… I like to do mathematics.



Age: 18
Interests: Being accidentally racist
Favorite Game: Typing of the Dead
Greatest Fear: Lucas
Description: Life is ephemeral, take time to be nuanced



Age: 18
Interests: Video production, superfluous writing, debate
Favorite Game: Halo CE
Greatest Fear: Having blood drawn at extreme heights
Description: A rebel without a clause.



Age: 19
Interests: Canada eh
Favorite Game: NHL hits 2002
Greatest Fear: George W.
Description: Come at me bro I’m jacked.



Age: 19
Interests: Being Swedish
Favorite Game: DotA 2
Greatest Fear: Heartbeats
Description: Not even an ocean can keep him from your hearts.



Age: 19
Interests: Real 90′s hip-hop
Favorite Game: NBA Jam
Greatest Fear: Non-dope sneakers
Description: Bringing the power of the Blazers to the marathon.


Age: 18
Interests: The Constitution, Gold, Silver
Favorite Game: Halo PC
Greatest Fear: A president who isn’t Ron Paul
Description: According to his college application, he’s the co-founder.



Age: 18
Interests: Being a scrub, shag carpets
Favorite Game: Geometry Wars 2
Greatest Fear: Running out of mana.
Description: Brown.


Alex (Chives)

Age: 20
Interests: Multivariable Calculus
Favorite Game: Man – The most dangerous game
Greatest Fear: The eventual heat death of the universe
Description: The one true master of the dungeons



Age: 19
Interests: Lemonade, Puppies, Watching Rabbits Run in Fear
Favorite Game: Ummmmmm
Greatest Fear: Red whales (I had a dream about them once)
Description: All girls are Kiley.



Age: 19
Interests: Integrals, Dipole Forces, and positron collisions
Favorite Game: Halo Reach
Greatest Fear: Capitalist society, arabic handwriting, what dogs think about
Description: I just met you, and this is crazy, but this is my bio, so read it maybe?



Age: 22
Interests: Drawing, Japanese, Video Games, Music, and being hardcoar
Favorite Game: Halo… (All of them?)
Greatest Fear: Boss battles
Description: All of your goombas are belong to me



Age: 18
Interests: Memorizing useless facts about flags and maps
Favorite Game: Eternal Sonata (even though it’s awful)
Greatest Fear: Heights and the inevitable revenge of all the small bugs she accidentally killed in her life time
Description: Sometimes clever but often just makes bad puns and gets obsessive over Star Trek.



Age: 18
Interests: Welcome To Night Vale and Comics
Favorite Game: Bioshocks (all of them)
Greatest Fear: Having to perpetually listen to Kyle sing
Description: Really loud and far too outgoing… Usually being shushed.



Age: 19
Interests: Cats, berries, economics
Favorite Game: I like the Bioshocks
Greatest Fear: I guess in a way, it’s similar to the infinity. So when you’re looking at a map online and you change it to satellite view and you can see all those trees and houses and roads and everything. And everything’s so big and there and when you zoom out, it looks like something scary. Yeah. If you look at certain things in the universe like galaxies, no I think galaxies are pretty, but you know if you look at… Alex has this too. I think he has it with the galaxies. When you look at something really big and really far away, it’s really overwhelming and scary and you can’t even fathom how big it is.
Description: So once I met this dope guy and he introduced me to his friends who are really into video games. These generous folks occasionally forego sleep in order to raise money for children by playing games and selling their souls to the internet. I have been gradually introduced to this wonderful pastime and even though I’m not very good at it, I enjoy being exposed to video games and also the companionship of a group of fine and dedicated youths.

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