Scoring System

For each minute the challenge goes, from when the first team begins to when the second team ends, thirty points are added to the pot. The winner claims all these points, essentially getting 30 points per minute spent playing.

However, if one team uses a player not technically belonging to either team, they only get 20 points per minute played.

Once the timer reaches 30 minutes, the point total is capped at 900, and will not increase for the remainder of that game.


Free Agents vs Team Members

“Free Agents” are all players not specifically assigned to either team, and technically belong to either team. They can be used by a team in place of a member for any competition. The only penalty is the aforementioned decrease in points if a Free Agent wins. If both teams attempt to claim the same player, the dispute will be resolved through a single round of rock paper scissors between opposing team captains.


Playtime Limit

A player may choose to play for up to three rounds in a row, but for each round after their first, they cede choice of the game and challenge to the opposing team instead of having it chosen at random.


Knighting a New Team Member

New team members may be added to the teams, but team numbers must always remain consistent, meaning if one person joins a team, they need to have another there to join the other team. They will then be knighted in a short ceremony using the crowbar of truth, accompanied by a speech.



When there are three hours left in the marathon, the losing team will be eliminated, and all remaining members of the winning team will be pitted against each other in battle. The last two players will play in a special challenge that neither will have prior knowledge of, and the winner will receive the Crown of Victory and the title of “The Ultimate Gamer”.

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