Donate $5 or more before the event for a chance to win a copy of Surgeon Simulator!

Much love to Bossa Studios for donating this prize

Leave your email in the donation comments to be eligible for prize drawings!

Prizes / Challenges

Surgeon Simulator Giveaways

We have 10 copies of Surgeon Simulator to give out during the marathon. Be sure you're watching to have your chance to win!

$200 - The Cinnamon Challenge

If we reach $200, someone's going to put a spoonful of cinnamon in their mouth and immediately regret it. Don't miss out!

$400 - Eat Habanero Pepper

At $400, one of us will torture our insides with a burning, horrifying habanero pepper. And better yet, whoever puts us over the top gets to choose who it is!

$600 - Extra Day

If, before Saturday ends, we reach this amount, we'll play through the night into at least Sunday at noon. If you love us, show it!



Extreme Fencing Battle Seizure Extravaganza

Towerfall: Ascension

Four Player Archery Combat that puts SSB to shame

Surgeon Simulator

Heart Surgery has never been this fun!


Quite possibly and probably the best thing ever

Spy Party

This game may make me cry

Super Avalanche

Pure platforming, pure fun


Watch us get frustrated because none of us are good enough to beat this game!


Q: Come on, you guys are just going to take the money I donate for your own evil schemes, right?

A: Don’t worry. Even if we were sick and evil enough to want to steal donations, we can’t. If you check the confirmation message after you donate, as well as your confirmation email, you will see that the money is going STRAIGHT to Child’s Play’s paypal. The super fancy donation button will record who donated though, so we know who to get the prizes to.

Q: Have you done this before?

A: Yes. We do the annual Halo: Endurance Evolved marathon of which there have been four, and in April of 2011 and 2012 we did Retrothon, where we played a bunch of retro games for charity. We also did the Fallout 3 Marathon in Feburary 2012, which was our most successful marathon. We followed this up with the Ultimate Gaming Challenge, and the Oculus Riftathon. So far, we’ve raised almost $10,000 for Child’s Play Charity.

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The Team

Kyle: 17


Brett: 20

Master of Happiness

Lucas: 14

Budding Merchant

Kevin: 5

Scientific Adviser


Rap King

Maddy: 5

Wild Card

Chives: 53

Chief of Surgery

Cory: 4


Megan: 6


Zach: 7

Inebriated Paladin

Bianca: 4

Has a Cat

Kyle S: 17

The Other Kyle

What is Omnithon? | we're very interesting

Omnithon is a group that does gaming marathons to raise money for charity. A gaming marathon is where we play through a game or series of games, and stream it online while collecting donations for a cause we support, which in our case is Child's Play Charity, which brings entertainment and hope to those in children's hospitals. We've raised over $9000 dollars with our prior marathons, and hope to raise even more going forward.

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